Reading Rates Matter for Kids & Adults


Making Reading Fun

Great Heights? Video transcript: “Those who think tech is cool really should stay in school. Our world has a need for folks who can read.” The text is not from any published book or manuscript. (39 seconds)

Sorbet Style? To counteract the sound distractions on many educational videos, Terry Verduin experimented with family reading video production on YouTube. ReadingRates.Org encourages diverse learning presentation formats.

Lunar Cycle? Speaking voice alone is not captivating for kids. Viewing animated action on screens offers little time to think. Intriguing videos with persuasive voice engage attention, build imagination and strengthen concentration.

Exploring Tech Innovations

Style Awakening? Technology can enhance learning. Technology speeds processing, delivery and selection of content for all ages and media types. Reading remains critical to Digital Age success. Everyone can work together to raise interest in arts and sciences.

Wide Angle? Children resist conformity. They are inattentive when forced to study subjects they find no need to know. An inquiring mind must be self-motivated to absorb marketable, technical and professional skills.

Pause, Play? Readers need breaks from drills, routines and the demands of studying. Taking frequent, short breaks will help to reduce stress levels and regain the motivation to press forward with full concentration.

Art of Selection

Culture Club? Reading rates matter for kids and adults. Fun, contemporary, inspirational materials crafted with powerful meaning and varied information should get folks appreciating and recreating their world.

Acclaimed Role? The V. R. Duin platform of children's stories is under review at Lego® World Builder. The company seeks backstory to engage fans with toy sets and fuel attention-getting video and social media productions.

Quality Control? Play promotes cognitive development, stimulates concentration, boosts memory skills and provides creative problem-solving ideas. Reading aloud, watching videos or playing with children offer pleasurable breaks.