October 2020 by Terry Verduin


Improve Reading and Writing Skills

Organic Matter? Reading Rates' video challenge for kids is full of ideas to improve reading and writing skills. Content with meaning in books, online articles or action videos encourages thinking, so problem solving grows.

Calling the Shots? Talented, imaginative children find brilliant solutions to pressing concerns. Children requested and received Goopy Ghost stories for Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day. They beg for more of these books.

Take Command

Flower Power? This challenge puts children in charge. Sample content below features storied animals and ghosts. Unusual characters spur children to advance their reading, creativity and writing skills.

Luminaries? Children can develop their own thrilling stories, active communications or games applications. There is no reason why a child cannot produce moving video action that rises to the top of the charts.

Moving Video Content Ideas

Be Moved? Moving video content spurs speed-reading focus skills. Children come up with competitive creative writing ideas after exposure to fun, fast-paced and far-fetched stories and videos.

Pure Poetry? Children find inspiration in Goopy Ghost, Little Ray and The Foxy Armadillos. Active rhythm and themes motivate them to accelerate skill development for school, home and community goals and opportunities.

Get Seen

Long Story? We celebrate comments and contributions of children or adults. Our responses through social media highlight unique activities, creations, tweets and posts. Readers, writers and producers can become celebrities.

Dream Team? Post or tweet us about kids' action video or book writing successes. We'll celebrate them in our social media. Everyone is invited to the Reading Rates challenge. Introduce new starring figures. Gather fans.

Starting Point

Scenic Route? The sample videos below were created with Goopy Ghost and Little Ray themes and illustrations. The words are not from any existing book. Video lengths range from 33 seconds to 1 minute 30 seconds.

The Reading Rates Action Video Challenge for kids has moving video content ideas to improve reading, writing and other content development skills.

Little Ray & Shark Patch Things Up

Goop on Fire